==The main control==

Full Screen '''F12'''
Hiding interface '''F11'''
Moving '''W A S D'''
Jump '''SPACE'''
Destruction of blocks and items '''Left mouse button'''
Setting blocks '''Right mouse button'''
Installation and removal of objects '''E '''
Rotation of objects '''Mouse wheel'''
Shop - Latin ''' M '''
Lnventory '''С '''
List of players / information on a map '''TAB'''
Dame menu '''ESC'''

Changing the type of''' F1 F2 F3'''
Video mode shooting''' F9'''

Emotions''' Q'''

Voice chat'' P'''

To access the store in the game uses the Latin press ''' M '''
Ln the store you can buy additional types of blocks, decorative objects and unlock additional slot for storing your cards.
Purchased items come to you in your inventory.

To access the inventory in the game using the key ''' С '''
Ln the inventory, you can select the type of units installed and choose to install purchased decor items.
To install, transfer of objects and opening doors using key Latin ''' E '''
To rotate objects using ''' Mouse wheel '''

==Admistrator card==
Ln '' 'building' '' when you press the '' 'TAB' '', a list of players. If you are an administrator card, you can ban any player from the list and disable / enable players to build.

==Full-screen mode, the main menu==
To switch to full screen mode, press '''F12'''
To exit full-screen mode, press '''Esc'''
To display the game menu, press '' 'Esc' '' while in windowed mode.