==How to install the game?==
The game supports full 3D, for this to work correctly, it is necessary to install the Unity Web Player, download it from this link:
Unity Web Player
1. Download the plugin from the link above.
2. Lnstall the plugin.
3. Restart your browser. (Recommended browser Google Chrome)
4. Start the game and play again.
==Daily bonus==
You will be charged a daily bonus. Do not forget to go to the game every day and collect bonus.

Lf you are tired hoard crystals you can buy them in the bank.

At any time you can buy blocks, clothing, ornaments, weapons and more!

Ln the settings you can adjust the volume and sensitivity of the mouse.

The main menu is the top card. Each player can vote for the map if it is in the top. All cards are divided into categories: the best of the day, week, month.

If you have any questions, ask them in the official group games Digger Online.